DAY AFTER CALL: HC Randy Edsall Talks About the 56-35 Win Over UMass

OPENING STATEMENT: “I was very happy for our kids getting a win. I thought we played well really in all our areas, but there are still things we need to clean up on. I tweeted out earlier our game balls went to Kevin Mensah (Offense), Jackson Mitchell (defense) and Omar Fortt (special teams) for their respective sides of the ball. There are things we still have to clean up on. I liked the fact that we started the game fast, but I wish we would’ve taken a little bit more advantage of the turnovers to come away with more points. If we did that, we could’ve put that game away a little sooner than we did.”

“We played penalty free on offense except for the delay of game. We had a couple penalties on defense that weren’t good penalties, a lack of discipline by some guys, just fundamentals and technique that they need to get better at. All-in-all, I thought our guys played hard.”

“I thought Q [Quayvon Skanes] went in and did a great job of executing that play and throwing that to Jay Rose for his first touchdown of his career. I thought Cam [Ross] played really well, thought Art [Thompkins] played well, as I said the offensive line played well, when you run the ball for that many yards, 326-yards, they have to play well. I thought Jack [Zergiotis] took steps in the right direction and I thought Travis Jones played well when he came in, in the 2nd half after sitting out the 1st half due to the targeting call from the week before. I thought Mason Donaldson made a nice tackle, recovered the fumble, Jeremy [Lucien] caused it, did have the kickoff out of bounds, so there are things we need to clean up on and we’ll work to do that.”

HOW DO YOU USE THIS TO SPRINGBOARD FORWARD THE REST OF THE YEAR?: “You just need to come to work everyday. Prepare and do the things necessary in order to keep playing and keep getting better, that’s the whole key to it. Every opponent is different that you are going to play each and every week, it won’t be the same look, same plays or same style of offense and defense, so really it’s the amount that you prepare. What you put into it is what you are going to get out of it, so that’s the biggest thing that we need to keep hammering home with those guys so they understand that you have to play hard for 60-minutes, go out and execute to do your job.”

11 months ago
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