DAY AFTER: HC Randy Edsall Breaks Down Saturday’s Loss to East Carolina

OPENING STATEMENT: “Going back and watching the film I thought we did some really good things in the ball game and gave ourselves an opportunity to win, but we also did some things that we didn’t take advantage of to give us a better outcome where we missed on some opportunities. Between some dropped interceptions, offensively not taking care of things when we got on the plus-side of the field that hurt us and then I felt we played the run real well in the first two quarters and not in the 3rd and 4th. All-in-all was one of those days, but I felt our kids played hard for the whole game and I thought they gave themselves a chance to win. What we need to do is clean up some of those things and continue to get better. The one thing I thought they did, in the first half, I thought everyone was trying to make plays instead of just relaxing and doing their job. I thought they came out in the 2nd half and did a better job with that. It was really good to see us make as many explosive plays as we did in the game, to have 11-explosive plays, 1-run for 20 and 10-passes-for-343, that’s pretty good. But we still gave up 11, five-runs for 69-yards and 6-passes for 172-yards. We need to get better in that area. We can’t turn the ball over as many times as we did.”

ROB KING HAD 10-TACKLES, WHAT DID HE & SOME OF THE OTHER GUYS BRING TO THE GAME AFTER LOSING 5-TO-6 DEFENSIVE PLAYERS AGAINST EAST CAROLINA?: “I think Rob King is a guys who is getting better. He’s playing with a little more confidence because of the amount of reps he’s been getting. All those guys get reps in practice and they know they need to be ready. Diamond Harrell came back and got hurt in the game, so Rob knew he was going to be up and had to be prepared and that’s something that he should do and he was ready when he went in.”

DEPTH, ARE YOU FURTHER ALONG THATN WHERE YOU WERE LAST YEAR?: “We’re creating more because we are playing younger kids. They are all, most of them, young. They are getting better, but they need to get bigger and stronger too. We are making progress. Justin Moore went in and got his feet wet yesterday. Russell Dixon as well on special teams. There are guys that we got into the game to help them feel what it is like because they are probably going to be playing a bigger role next year.”

INJURIES: “They will probably all be a game-time decision. I haven’t gotten anything today yet that told me anything.”

LAST OFFENSIVE PLAY, THE 4TH AND GOAL, LOOKED LIKE TWO RECEIVERS COLLIDED, WHICH CAUSED THE INTERCEPTION, WASN’T A SITUATION WHERE JACK WAS TRYING TO FORCE IT INTO THAT SPOT, RIGHT?: “One of the guys was supposed to go over the top, the other was supposed to go underneath and went a little too far and couldn’t get across. The ball was probably going to have to be thrown in front of the goal line and then they’d have to turn, catch it and get up the field. I think Cam Ross was coming open where he was going to have an opportunity to catch the ball. The other thing was recognizing what they do, we might have been able to get the ball to Kevin Mensah in the flat right away and maybe he could’ve gotten in, but there were a lot of things yesterday where we had opportunities. Earlier in the game we had Jay Rose running wide open down the middle of the field and Steven [Krajewski] missed him. That last play it just came down to that.”

JACK ZERGIOTIS IS HARD ON HIMSELF, DOES THE STAFF WORK ON THAT WITH HIM IN TERMS OF BEING ABLE TO MOVE ON FROM SOME MISTAKES?: “He’s a competitor. You tell him when it’s over, go on to the next. He gets upset with himself. In the 1st half, inside the red zone, the tight red zone, and he’s standing there and there’s nothing there. We were in max protection, where only two guys were out, you have to throw the ball away. Just take what they give you. He is one of those guys that has a lot of confidence in himself, he thinks he can make a play, well sometimes the best play is to throw it away and not take a sack, which makes it harder on you. That’s part of the teaching progressing that we still need to do with him, to get him to understand that you’re not always going to make the big play.”

OTHER THAN SOME OF THE MISTAKES WE SAW YESTERDAY, ARE YOU HAPPY WITH HIS DEVELOPMENT AS THE SEASON HAS GONE ON? HE SEEMS TO HANDLED THINGS MUCH BETTER OF LATE: “It’s just like the 94-yarder, that was a play where he had the option, knew it was man, put Cam in motion, knew it was cover 0, made the call, communicated with Cam to make sure they were on the same page, they came on a blitz, so he had to get rid of it quick [and it went for a 94-yard score]. He was playing Canadian rules football last year, it’s a whole different game in terms of the width of the field, number of downs, I think he’s made a lot of progress and continues to get better and he will continue to do so. You saw yesterday he picked up the ball and ran a few times, but he needs to remember they mark the ball where you start to slide, not where you end up.”

OFFENIVE LINE SAW DYLAN NIEDROWSKI START AT LEFT GUARD AND STANLEY HUBBARD CAME ON FOR CENTER NINO LEONE, AFTER LOOKING AT THE FILM, SAME IMPRESSION AS WHAT WE TALKED ABOUT AFTER THE GAME?: “I thought our pass protection was pretty good, he really didn’t take a lot of hits. I thought Stanley went in and did a good job and held his own. Dylan going in for the 1st time and having only 5 practices at guard, he did well and is only going to get better. I was a little disappointed in the push we got in the run game, I didn’t think we did that good of a job in the run game. From a protection standpoint we were pretty good, was disappointed in the holding calls, three of them, but that’s just fundamentals and techniques, but I thought we played hard. In the end, we need to minizmize the penalties.”

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